The Koala Chess Art Chronicles

The Origin of Species (And Whales)

History Oceans

There are 7.7 billion people in the world. How did we all get here? By spaceship from another world? By magic? Well, Charles Darwin had another suggestion. He called it the ‘Origin of Species’. Let’s find out more about his idea.

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Our Planet's Last Chance

Blue Planet Climate Change Oceans Photography Trees

Climate change is certainly an area we have touched on before in the Koala Chess Art Chronicles. We have been admiring the efforts of some remarkable people around the world as they try to tackle the problems facing our planet. But it appears as though these efforts need to be magnified, and not by a small amount, as scientists now claim our world needs to be saved from the impending ‘climate catastrophe’.


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Why is Africa's Dog so Endangered?

Africa Animal Story

African Wild Dogs have some of the most intricate patterns of all animals. They are one of the most efficient and feared carnivores on the planet. Their pack displays incredible organisation that gives them a formidable ecosystem. They have no ivory to offer, and they are not one of the ‘Big Five’. So why are they so endangered?

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Why Some Leaves Change Colour and Some Don't

Photography Trees

What do you love most about Autumn? At Koala Chess Art HQ, we love the colours of our beautiful countryside. Not only does everything get a little frosty, and kind of shimmer, but the leaves turn such vibrant splashes of colour. No longer a uniform green, they are like a gentle fire, roaring with colour as they gather together in parks, forests and gardens alike.

But have you ever asked why they do this? Well, today we did. And so we went looking for an answer.

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Five Fun Facts About Belugas

Animal Story Oceans

By now we have all heard about the Beluga whale that has appeared in the River Thames. If you haven’t, where have you been? It is supposedly pretty happy here, perhaps on vacation to see the sights. And, whilst it may seem like a silly whale to stray so far from its normal territory, Beluga whales are actually very unique and intelligent creatures. Do you want some fun facts about them? Of course you do. So here are five.

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