The Koala Chess Art Chronicles

Return of the Dinosaurs

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Don't look now, but we seem to have stumbled across a dinosaur playground. From space hoppers and bubbles to tennis matches and dancing competitions - our friends have made a ferocious comeback. And this is only just the beginning!

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Battle of the bands!

It's a pretty exciting time at Koala Chess Art HQ. Over the past week some of the greatest mammal musicians have been practicing. There has been feedback, one twos and sound checks. There have been roadies, management and huge riders. It can mean only one thing it's Battle of the Bands time. You can vote for your favourite to advance through to the next round on facebook and Instagram. Like Highlander there can only be one, who will win the 2018 title? Watch the video below to see who is competing : ย 

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Triumvirate of Terrific Terriers ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿฉ

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We are big fans of dogs, be they Greyfriars Bobby or the littlest hobo. Today we are showing off three of our most popular dogs!ย 

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Our Art for Kids

We have been going through some of favourite drawings and selected a few we think are perfect for your kid's walls. These animalย prints and designs really do make the perfect bedroom art for your little human. Find some inspiration with our hand-picked selection on our Pinterest board below.ย 

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Pangolin protester! ๐Ÿšซ

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๏ปฟThe pangolin might be new to you, sadly you better get to know him fast as he is disappearing at an alarming rate. As this Articleย is published, the pangolin is sadly the world's most-trafficked mammal.

But at Koala Chess Art we have managed to capture the image of a pangolin mid-protest.

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