2019 FIFA Women's World Cup

We had the men’s FIFA World Cup in 2018, but it is now the turn of the women to compete for international football glory.

FIFA Women World Cup 2019

First being held in 1991, the tournament is hosted by a different country every 4 years. Now on its 8th competition, France play host to 24 teams as they battle it out for first place.

The qualifying nations

Scotland, South Africa, Jamaica and Chile all qualified for the first time in 2019. Italy, another of the contenders, have been part of the competition before but we haven’t seen them since 1999, and likewise Argentina haven’t made an appearance since 2007 but have their hat in the ring this year. USA, Sweden, Nigeria, Norway, Japan, Germany and Brazil are all returning for their 8th tournament.

Who reached the knockout stages?

Well, the 6 groups (A-F) have narrowed their entries after the first round of matches:

  • Group A saw France top the table with 9 points, followed by Norway with 6. 
  • Group B winners were Germany with 9 points and then Spain with 4.
  • Group C had three nations qualify, with Italy, Brazil and Australia all gaining 6 points.
  • Group D saw England come our first with 9 points, followed by Japan with 4.
  • Group E winners were the Netherlands with 9 points and then Canada with 6. 

Where are we now?

At the time of writing, the 2019 World Cup is still waiting for 3 teams to join those already in the quarter-final play-offs. Sweden are playing Canada for one of the lucrative spots, while Italy face up against China and the Netherlands compete against Japan. 

But who will these teams meet when they get there?

Germany secured their spot after overcoming Nigeria 3-0. Norway also drew 1-1 against Australia but won on points difference. England then beat Cameroon 3-0 in a controversial match to land in the quarter-finals, alongside the home nation who beat Brazil 2-1. Joining France and the others is also the USA, who beat Spain 2-1. 

Who do you think will win?

USA are the favourites to take home the trophy, but Phil Neville’s English team are showing they aren’t to be underestimated. Germany too are showing they will be tough competition.

At Koala Chess Art, while we support our English women, we also admire the skill and determination of all competitors and wish them all the best of luck in their bid for the title. 

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