5 Fun Facts About Sloths 🦥

Adults, paparazzi, wildlife filmmakers - everybody loves them. But how much do you really know about them?

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Sloth on a Lamp post, the urban sloth?

Nearly everybody has heard about sloths. Sloth from the Planet Earth, sloth from Ice Age you name it, they have starred in it. But how much do you really know about these slow-motion celebs? Well let us give you some little titbits.

To begin with, there are two types: the two-toed sloth and the three-toed sloth. Can you guess the big difference between the two? You may have thought you had it - but think again. They have the same number of toes, it’s just that the two-toed sloth actually just has two fingers. Confused? We were too. In simple terms, there are two types of sloths, both have three toes but one type has only two fingers.

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So what do sloths eat?

Sloths love the Cecropia tree. It’s shoots, fruit and leaves are their favourite meal. Some of the two-toed sloths have also been known to eat insects and little birds. But, did you know, to digest this food, sloths actually have a four-part stomach? This makes them a little similar to the cows we have in the English countryside. However, a sloth’s digestion track can sometimes take up to a month to complete leaving them with very little energy. This is why they move around so slowly, and why they are famously one of the slowest moving creatures in the world.

Southful sloth

This soulful sloth prefers the slow numbers.

How slow is slow?

Sloths move along the ground at just 2 metres (6.5 ft) a minute. In the trees they are slightly quicker at 3 metres (10 ft) a minute. Given that the average human walks 84 metres in a minute, you can see why sloths have earned their reputation. Let’s just say they aren’t going to be sneaking away anytime soon.

How long does it take for a sloth to have a baby?

Two-toed female sloths give birth after being pregnant for around a year. Three-toed sloths are however only pregnant for half this time. Sloth babies are born with claws, and these help latch the offspring onto the mother’s torso, where it nestles and nurses for the first few weeks of its life.

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