A t-shirt isn’t just for Christmas

We all have a favourite t-shirt. In fact, lots of us have more than one. But why does such a simple item of clothing mean so much?

Sloth on a Lampost T-Shirt

Sloth on a Lampost

Well it all dates back to roughly 5,000 years ago when the oldest preserved garment - a linen shirt - is thought to have originated. Archaeologist Flinders Petrie discovered the shirt in the tomb of an Egyptian from the First Dynasty, describing the garment as ‘highly sophisticated’ with pleating and a decorative fringe. And, if the shirt was buried with its owner, it must have meant a great deal to them.

Fast forward a little (or a lot) to 2009 and a survey has discovered that 4 out of 5 of us keep our old shirts as we have grown incredibly attached to them. So maybe not as much has changed in the last 5,000 years as we previously thought.

Triceratops Night Fever T-Shirt

Triceratops Night Fever T-Shirt

But it’s just a t-shirt right? Why have we grown so attached?

Maybe it’s an old t-shirt from your childhood, reminding you of happy younger years.
Maybe it’s a shirt passed down through generations of your family and is, infact, older than you are.
Maybe it’s a top from your favourite music festival and, with all the bands named on the back, it reminds you of the soundtrack to your teenage summer.
Maybe it’s actually your partner’s top - a borrowed (*stolen) garment which smells of them and soothes you when they’re gone.
Or maybe it just has a picture of your dog and you really love your dog.

Whatever the reason - it means we all have something in common.


T-Rex Tennis T-Shirt

T-Rex Tennis T-Shirt

So why not share the love and give a gift they will both love and lounge in with our fun, original t-shirts. And - for the brave ones amongst us - we even have our shirts in white (so just be careful with your Chinese).  

So have a look - our t-shirts come with a complimentary happy memory.

Koala Hockey T-ShirtDJ Macaque

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