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Astonomy’s forgotten woman resurges Greenwich

The Royal Observatory of Greenwich - a much adored part of Koala Chess Art’s home town - is going to start studying the sky again after gaining some new telescopes.

Stargazing Pug

Stargazing Pug

It has been 60 years since the ROG studied our beautiful sky, so the renovation of the building and its new equipment is a welcome gift to the town. And this gift will be named after Annie Maunder, one of the first female scientists to work at the ROG.

Whilst working at British Astronomy's renowned home, Annie made several fundamental discoveries about one of the marvel’s of our universe - the sun. However, Annie wasn’t always known for her incredible work, as she was up against prejudice and sexism which was commonplace in the late 19th century. But now her work, and her name, will be able to inspire future generations as they experience the beauty that flies above us - an opportunity forgone in Greenwich as of late.

Royal Observatory of Greenwich

What challenges has Astronomy faced recently?

Polluted air and a lack of investment in technology has seen the field of study struggle in recent years. The expansion of urban areas and the artificial glow from buildings and street lights has also diluted some of the wonders in the sky, and so the resurgence of the ROG has come at a crucial time for Astronomers. Now, these new telescopes are able to take high-quality, vibrant pictures which can negotiate the light polution.

Here at Koala Chess Art we like to encourage any way of learning more about our beautiful planet and so we are very happy about the renovation. We might even pop to the new facility ourselves - see you there!

Astronomy Greenwich

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