Bears and Wolves to Live Together Again in Britain

Once upon a time, Britain had woodlands where bears and wolves roamed free. Now Bristol is looking to bring this pairing back

Eurasian Brown Bear

European Brown Bears, sometimes referred to as Eurasian Brown Bears, were once abundant across the continent. But, as woods were cleared and urbanisation took place, their habitats grew smaller - as did their population.

Gray Wolf

This was much the same with the Grey, or Gray, wolf. The largest of the wild dog family, these pack animals were hunted and eradicated from much of their territory across North America, Eurasia and the Middle East. 

But now a project called Bear Wood is looking to provide the animals with a new home

The aim of the scheme – which is part of Bristol Zoological Society’s Wild Place Project - is to show visitors what woods and forests used to be like in ancient Britain. It also hopes to encourage the idea of rewilding - where wild animals are reintroduced back into our countryside.

Peaceful Bear Art Design

Rumour has it that Britain used to have the most peaceful bears

The project is looking to go live on Thursday 25th July, where visitors will be able to access a walkway which towers high above the habitat of the bears and wolves, which, for the time being, will be kept separate. This is while animal keepers monitor the situation and decide on a safe time to once again introduce the two species. 

For more information on Bear Wood, watch their YouTube video below:


At Koala Chess Art, we are excited for the return of the species to our woodlands and welcome any initiatives which put wildlife and the environment back at the forefront of modern society.

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