Best place for dinosaur facts?

Sadly (or fortunately) Jurassic Park does not exist. We at Koala Chess Art HQ have had a quick dig around the web and excavated a few sites we think are useful for Dino hunters. Their facts are different from our "facts" but will we ever really know? (Their facts are normally peer-reviewed, so hold up to scrutiny). 

Natural History Museum

The place we first saw the bones - you know the huge Dino bones we are meaning - was at the natural history museum. Fortunately, if you cannot get down there to Charles Darwin, they have an excellent website. Have a look below.

T rex tennis

T-rex tennis 


Search for anything at all and you can be guaranteed that Wikipedia will pop up. It has a huge range of dinos, in its familiar format. It's big - it's dino big!

 Velociraptor blowing bubbles

Velociraptor blowing bubbles 

BBC Prehistoric

Although no longer updated, the BBC still has some excellent dino facts. Beware of course - they might be outdated. It's a shame it's becoming extinct like the dinos it represents.

Triceratops on a space hopper 

Dk Find Out

Like their books, Dk Find Out has great colourful illustrations. It also has great dino facts. Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing of all the sites.



The Guardian

We love The Guardian for the latest dinosaur news. It has regular stories, from its science team and also from specialists in paleontology too.  Its stories are balanced and it - very importantly - includes counter-arguments to any latest theories.

Triceratops night fever

Triceratops night fever 

If you have any places you like to hunt for Dino facts then we would love to hear from you! Just comment below.

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