Blue Planet II: The BAFTA’s Most Important Winner

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean from outer space

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean from outer space

We don’t know about you, but we think the right show was crowned the winner as Blue Planet II took away the award for Virgin TV's ‘Must-See Moment’.

David Attenborough’s exploration of our increasingly contaminated oceans truly shocked the nation this year with its naked truth and unwillingness to hide the devastation we are causing our planet. An especially heartbreaking scene of a mother whale refusing to let go of her calf , which tragically died from plastic pollution, was titled the year’s ‘Must See Moment’ - but this win is no traditional celebration. Instead, our favourite champion of nature’s response to the win took a more sombre tone:

‘I speak I think for all of us, we set out to try and show the seas , the oceans for what they are, their beauty, their wonder, their splendour. ‘But also the truth about what we’re doing to them.’<

Sir David Attenborough continued by saying how important this win is for the growing fight against climate change:

“And the fact that one particular moment that rang a bell in the minds and consciousnesses across the country pleases us more than I can say.”
Bleached coral

Bleached coral

We here at Koala Chess Art HQ take great pride in the beauty of our world and hate to see the devastation being caused. In response, we use our art as a voice and as a way of bringing awareness to this important issue. We look to show the effects of pollution in a different way, hoping to inspire thought and drive change.

If you find yourself moved by the heartbreaking scene or even our artwork, please click here to see how you can contribute towards making our oceans happy and healthy.

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