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As part of our Maldon's vegan revolution we have been lucky enough to speak to Anna and Kristy, they very kindly gave up some of their valuable time to talk to us.  We should also say we love their food.

Dandelions logo

Dandelions logo 
Designed and created by Lisa of Verdeli Maldon and Iggi Inks

Could you tell us a bit about what you do?

We run Bohemian Eats and Dandelions. Bohemian Eats was the company we created during the 1st lockdown and we ran this from our own kitchen. Fast forward to a couple of years later and we now also have Dandelions which is our 100% vegan business and this is where we aim to be once we financially can be. 

Dandelions is a gourmet street food company which we run from our catering trailer at various sites and events. We do a range of items which is lovely as we get to be creative! 

We love your food its amazing, its great as its super recognisable as the meat originals.  How long did it take you guys to find and refine all your great dishes?

We are still finding and refining, it never ends 😅 with new things coming on the market so regularly, you find yourself updating and changing things around. Generally it’s ALOT of tasting and we do need to ask friends to help when we can’t possibly take another bite 😂

Jerk Chickyn

Jerk Chickyn

We recently purchased a stone baked pizza oven and we all have pizza 3 times a day until we get the right dough and toppings, it’s pleasantly exhausting! 

Is there anything still that you have yet to master as a vegan dish?

One thing we are currently in the process of getting right is a vegan salt beef bagel… nearly there!

Are you guys vegan, if so how long and what made you become vegan?

I (Kristy) have been vegan for a total of around 12 years. Anna also follows a plant based diet, but as a free lance chef, does have to taste all types of food that she’s cooking. Once Dandelions takes off, that will change.

We love making small changes that can make a difference. if someone wanted to try vegan food for the first time, what dishes would you recommend people start with from you guys?

Mac cheese balls, a double bacon cheese & hand cut triple cooked chips. (My personal favourite is actually the vmac).

Vegan burger

Vegan BBQ pulled ‘pork’ burger

We were recently at an event where very few veggies/vegans were and a lot of people ended up trying our food (as the queues for the meat burgers were too long) and one guy came to say it was the best burger he’d ever eaten, meat or vegan. We also have done a few Sundays at a local pub where we were the only food option so a lot of people ‘had to’ eat from us and we get so many compliments, it feels nice to be making the word “vegan” a little more “normal” for people.

We also love that all your packaging is recyclable or compostable. How important is sustainability to you guys?

Sustainability is extremely important to us. We want to reduce the amount of waste we leave on this earth and try our best to look after it. When we go to events as see polystyrene, it’s saddening to know they are still legal to be honest. A few people have been mind blown by our cans of water we sell. Change is inevitable, growth is an option!

Maldon and the surrounding area have really seen a lot of change in terms of eating habits. Are you surprised how quickly it has changed and the number of vegan food options now available?

We aren’t surprised of the change, it’s been a long time coming, and with new generations comes broader outlooks. We are very pleased though!

Cheese balls

Macaroni Cheese Balls-vegan

Do you ever think that plant based food will become the norm?

Plant based food is becoming more ‘normal’ however, with the events we have attended this year, we’d say it’s still a long way off. It seems to be the word vegan that puts people off and that’s what we need to be ‘normalising’. We also think we would all benefit from being taught more about nutrition from a young age and in so, normalising everyone’s individual diets/lifestyles. We all need to be more open to understating one another rather than ridiculing.

We know you have lots of amazing ideas. Can you tell us of any of them in the future that might be happening?

I’m afraid if we told you any future ideas, we’d have to kill you 😂👀

If people want to catch you guys and try-out your amazing food where is the best place to do this?

The best way to find out our next locations is to follow us on Facebook or Instagram as we regularly update our new locations on there. This Saturday (21st May 2022) Dandelions will be at The Generals Arms in Little Baddow. On Sunday (22nd May 2022) Bohemian Eats will be there too, offering lovely vegan options.

Thanks Anna and Kristy we recommend you give their food a try you will not regret it!

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