Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Rebooting a Classic

A powerful female lead. Fantasy thrills. Recognisable problems. What else would a series ever want? (Well apart from Koalas). That’s right, you’ve heard the rumours - there’s going to be a reboot of your favourite cult show. Even the original creator is involved!

So here at Koala Chess Art HQ we are very excited to take a second bite of the iconic 90’s series. To celebrate, let’s look back at some of the reasons why the show was THAT good…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The lead character was a kick-ass female who inspired all young adults, no matter their gender, to take no nonsense. It went against the norm (at the time) of blonde girls getting caught in dark alleyways. Instead, the blonde went into the dark alleyway willingly and came out victorious. Hooray for combatting stereotypes!

Dog Cheers

This dog is celebrating a fresh approach to the hero role!

The show was set in high school, and was a metaphor for how scary and turbulent high school could really be! What teenager couldn’t relate? The creator Joss Whedon wanted to have the characters face these horrors alongside everyday problems and show viewers that they weren’t alone in their struggles (although granted, not everybody faces vampires... or do they..)

Koala Vampire

Even this Koala Vampire would be no match for Buffy

We all love the theme tune, but there was even for a reason for that! Whedon wanted to start with a scary organ of sorts, before crashing into rock and roll and showing the main character has no time for your average horror and is instead about overcoming victim-roles and enjoying her youth! The opportunity was even given to local indie bands to create it - with Nerf Herder winning. And all of us here at Koala HQ couldn’t imagine anything else.

Soulful Sloth

This Soulful Sloth came second in the competition but is hopeful for the reboot

David Boreanaz - who played Angel - and Sarah Michelle Gellar - who played Buffy - would deliberately eat horrible food before a romantic scene just to annoy each other. Who knew even actors loved a wind up! Just as relatable as the characters they were playing (for the most part), David and Sarah would eat the likes of tuna and pickles before kissing to play jokes on each other. Maybe that’s why there was a look of horror at times…

Rabbit pulling man from hat

This rabbit is the ultimate prankster though as he is now pulling the man from the hat instead

There was an episode in season four where only 17 minutes out of the episode’s 44 involves dialogue. And it was great. Whedon wanted to challenge himself, and let’s just say it paid off. With the characters losing their voices, the episode had to rely on the visuals, and boy were they impressive! ‘The Gentlemen’, the creepy skeleton-like villains, were even inspired by a dream Whedon had. He then drew from memory (whilst also loosely imagining Mr Burns from the Simpsons) and delivered the designs to the make-up department. Alas, ‘Hush’ the episode came alive (so to speak). It became a fan-favourite, and was totally unique, much like the show itself.

Koala Frankenstein

This Frankenstein Koala hoped to get on the episode but he was too chatty

These are just some of the reasons why we love (present-tense) the show! And, with it being 21 years since it all started, we at Koala HQ agree that it’s time to bring it back. The new version will supposedly be more diverse, with a black actress taking the iconic role of the vampire slayer. And we cannot wait to get it back on our screens. Maybe we will just have to box set binge with our bush baby friend and watch the series all over again in preparation... Cue the scooby gang!

Bush Baby Box Set Binger

Bush Baby Box Set Binger

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