Christmas Wishes: Decks for the Halls

In the run-up to Christmas, we are interviewing a number of our favourite characters to ask what is at the top of their Christmas wish list. We have already had Harley, Rudolph and a Koala who does not like surprises. Who is it this week? It’s DJ Macaque!
Crested Black Macaque DJ

Everybody Meet DJ Macaque

Our Crested Black Macaque is, quite simply, a music lover. Having been surrounded by Jungle music from an early age due to his parents loving the genre, he is now looking to branch out (are you getting these puns?!). Because what he really wants is to perform his house music.

So we asked, what's your Christmas wish?

With all the Christmas party bookings coming up, it looks as though he is going to achieve his dream of being a DJ. But, these gigs require a new set of decks. So that’s what our Crested Black Macaque DJ wishes for this festive season - some brand spanking new decks so he can play his tunes all night long! At Koala Chess Art HQ, we know we would book this music legend. Just look at him go! He is even selling some merchandise - so get your hands on his Macaque DJ T-shirt - it will be worth a million one day!

Crested Black Macaque DJ T-Shirt

What else do you want for Christmas?

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