Christmas Wishes: Harley Dreams of a White Christmas

In the run up to Christmas, we are interviewing a number of our favourite characters to ask what is at the top of their Christmas wish list. So who is up first?

Koala making a snowman

Everybody Meet Harley

Being a koala, Harley is accustomed to the cosy Christmas season you find in Australia. While, in the UK, we picture Christmas as sparkling white, with merry people wrapped up in fuzzy hats and gloves, Harley spends the holiday on the beach. 

So what is his wish?

Harley wishes for snow. He wants to make snow angels and go ice skating. He wants to throw snowballs and drink hot chocolate as his breath appears in front of him. And with this snow, he wants to build a snowman - which is a common dream of his.

Luckily, Harley explained this dream so vividly to us at Koala Chess Art HQ that we managed to draw it for him! Now, how many people can say they've seen a koala build a snowman?

What do you want for Christmas?

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