Christmas Wishes: Magical Mr. Mistoffelees

It’s nearly Christmas! We have interviewed a number of our favourite characters in the build-up to our favourite holiday. From DJ Macaque to a knitting unicorn, we’ve heard all of their stories and what’s at the top of their wish lists. But now we reach our final interviewee. Who is it?

Eurasian Lynx

Everybody Meet Mr Lynx (Soon to be Mr Mistoffelees)

Our Eurasian Lynx is no ordinary cat. Indeed, he is a wild cat who has travelled all over Northern, Central and Eastern Europe to Central Asia and Siberia, the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayas. A child of the world, he has experienced much in life, with his stories tucked away firmly in his ruff. You would have thought, having travelled the world, he would have ticked off all on his bucket list. But there is still one very important task left.

So we asked, what's your Christmas wish?

Our Lynx has also dreamed of dancing on the West End. Specially, in Cats, the musical we all love and cherish. Having loved to bop since he could move his tiny paws, he is a terrific dancer and dreams of playing the famous Mr. Mistoffelees. But this is no easy role. Other cats playing this iconic character before him have had serious gymnastic and ballet experience. Mr. Mistoffelees is no amateur. His part in the musical is notoriously difficult, requiring extensive choreography. But our Lynx is keen to rise to the challenge, should only his Christmas wish come true and he is given his chance.  

What do you want for Christmas?

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