Christmas Wishes: Spreading Some Woollen Cheer

In the run-up to Christmas, we have been interviewing a number of our favourite characters to ask what is at the top of their Christmas wish list. We have already had a great bunch, including our own star: DJ Macaque and a soon-to-be-swimming Spinosaurus. Who is it now? It’s our knitting unicorn!

Everyone Meet our Knitting Unicorn

Forget what you already know about these majestic creatures as they are not too fond of their stereotype. Especially the common misconception that they make rainbows. It is simply that unicorns adore them, so when one appears, they will rush to see it. It's this fondness that has let to the urban myth when, in reality, they just love refracted light.

After a physically and mentally exhausting day spreading cheer around the land, this unicorn likes to sit back and put his hooves up. Then he likes to knit, taking inspiration from any nearby rainbow, because without one, he feels his creation lacks the beauty he craves.

So we asked, what's your Christmas wish?

This unicorn’s wish is to learn more about meteorology so he can predict when the rainbows appear using sunlight and raindrops. This will allow him to create works of art, which he can use to continue spreading cheer to communities around the world. He especially wants to create hats and gloves for those in the colder countries, using bright colours taken from the rainbow to brighten up their day.

Black Knitting Unicorn

What do you want for Christmas?

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