Commercialising Space: Will We Learn From Our Mistakes?

In March of this year (2019), the first spacecraft designed for crew docked at the International Space Station. Although no astronauts were on the capsule, it marks another step forward in the race to commercialise space travel. Furthermore, Elon Musk, the famous founder of Tesla, has also promised that he could provide a trip around the moon as early as 2023But will we learn from our mistakes as we explore other planets?

Space Travel Space Commercialisation 2019

Protect Our Solar System

Scientists have come forward to express their desire to protect our solar system as the race to commercial space travel heats up. Their wish is to protect our planets, moons and whatever else we may find from destructive industrialisation - a consequence felt heavily by our very own planet earth.

Limiting Light Years

The proposal offered by the scientific community suggests as much as 85% of the solar system should be quarantined. This would protect the area from being mined for precious metals, minerals and other valuable treasures in the hope that humanity can use its resources sustainably.

Despite the exciting outer space, this Astronaut still reaches for home

Gifts from the Galaxy

If planned carefully and executed responsibly, space missions can be an exciting development to our modern society. This is especially prominent now that reusable rockets are being deployed for the first time. This development means missions are more cost-effective and sustainable than ever before, allowing for a more responsible way for habitats to be created on the moon. The European Space Agency even believe that our future features villages, buildings and equipment installed on the moon's surface. Now that's exciting!

A Warning from Planet Earth

Although the prospect of commercial space travel sounds exciting, scientists have stressed their wish that we can learn from our past mistakes, which many believe have cost our current world its future.

At Koala Chess Art we are keeping our fingers crossed for an exponential learning curve!

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