Cute or Carnivorous - Talking Baby Dinosaurs

Dinosaur History

Baby dogs, baby cats, baby monkeys… but what about baby dinosaurs? What were they like? Were they as ferocious as their parents, or cute little pets? Let’s find out.

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One little dino was found completely mummified in what is now Italy. Everything about the little one was preserved, including its stomach. As a result, they could see what it liked for a snack. Unfortunately, this baby Scipionyx liked other little dinosaurs, suggesting it wasn’t as cute and cuddly as you might think.

On the other hand, the remains of a 70cm hatchling were found in the form of a well-preserved fossil. Scientists worked out that the creature had feather-like structures on its tail from an early age. As a result, it was called Sciurumimus - meaning ‘squirrel mimic’. We imagine this baby dino to be a little cuter.

What about when they were first born?

We like to think babies arrived dancing, like this Triceratops

Like many of today’s birds, some dinosaurs arrived within an egg. Having found a fossil of a dinosaur still within this safe-haven, scientists have discovered they too liked to wriggle around. In fact, this wriggling and kicking helped to promote their bone growth. At Koala Chess Art HQ we like to think they wriggled to make a dramatic entrance.

Why can’t you tell us more?

We can tell you about our first dinosaur drawing (this Stegosaurus) but we can't tell you much about baby dinosaurs

Sadly, many discoveries of baby dinosaurs were overlooked due to their size. Hubris played a factor here, meaning the bigger species got more attention. Because which scientist wouldn’t want to attribute their name to the biggest dinosaur out there?

When the smaller fossils were eventually analysed, they too fell prey to arrogance. Many paleontologists claimed they had discovered a new species, naming them accordingly, when in fact they were miniatures of another type already found.

The result?

Many babies were mislabelled or, indeed, entirely overlooked. So perhaps we will never know whether most dinosaurs were cute and fluffy... or naughty little newborns.

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