Fun and Thoughtful Gifts for a Special Mum

On the 31 March 2019 it will once again be the time to celebrate all those special mums out there who work hard all day, every day. This is their day to be treated to some of your time... and maybe a small gift?

At Koala Chess Art, we know it's not always about the cost of gifts but often the thought behind them. To make things easier for you to spoil her rotten, we have pulled together some designs we think she will love which won't break the bank. Have a look below and find her something special.

1. Soulful Sloth Print

    Soulful Sloth Mother's Day 2019

    This sloth is an excellent singer and loves to entertain. She is the perfect partner to your karaoke-loving mum.

    2. Westie Hoodie

    Westie Hoodie Mother's Day 2019

      Is your mum a fanatic dog lover? Does she have a canine best friend she loves to pieces? Maybe even more than you? Our Westie design has been one of our most popular and it will look great as a hoodie for your mum as she takes her extra child out for a walk.

      3. Knitting Unicorn T-Shirt

      Knitting Unicorn T-Shirt Mother's Day 2019

      Maybe your mum prefers being indoors to outside - and that's alright! If your mum would rather knuckle down with her knitting, we have the perfect gift. Show your mum how magical she is with our knitting unicorn t-shirt.

      4. Sloth Tree Pose T-Shirt

       Sloth Yoga T-Shirt Mother's Day 2019

      Perhaps sloths move so slowly because their minds are so full of thoughts it weighs them down? Rumour has it they need yoga as a method of processing all of their worldly concerns. If your mum also likes yoga, or sloths, or even both, this t-shirt makes great workout wear.

       5. Elephant Bathtime Print

      Elephant Bathtime Mother's Day 2019

      Or maybe what your mum cherishes most of all is the time you had together growing up. If your mum loves to look back at fond memories then this might be the design for her. Our elephant mummy is giving her little one a bath and the two are having a blast. Give your mum the gift of nostalgia with this print - and we can even have it delivered with a frame.

      Looking for more ideas?

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