Hoodie dress

Did you know we throw away a huge 1 million tons of clothes a year? Why on earth am I launching a new hoodie dress?

I think one of the reasons clothes are thrown away with fast fashion is the price. A cheap t-shirt or hoodie is not valued. It should also set alarm bells ringing as to where that garment has come from.

Firstly a cheap garment means the person that made it has not been paid a fair wage. This has always been my first concern when finding any garment I sell.

Secondly, what is the environmental impact? Well this hoodie dress is made from recycled plastic. Most hoodies contain plastic in the form of polyester. It helps the garment keep its shape, but these use recycled plastic and that means less plastics going to landfill. It also uses organic cotton, which means no pesticides and less water used.

Finally they are built to last, they use a direct to garment printing method. It gives brilliant colours that last and will not fade or fall off like heat transfers meaning our cool designs will last too. It works by printing directly onto the garment like an ink jet printer. The inks are then absorbed into the fabric. This method creates less waste water. It uses less energy. The inks are vegan friendly, and are toxin free. We also print on demand only so no garments are over ordered to end up in landfill. 

Ask yourself if your screen printed garments can match these eco credentials? They typically use more water, produce more garments as bigger runs which means they get thrown away. The inks are not biodegradable. The large number of screens used takes extra energy to produce one garment.

It's a wardrobe staple. It can be worn with leggings or skinny jeans. You can wear it loose or add a belt for extra definition. Perfect with pumps or with boots for a night out. Its designed to last. Its great with so many things. It takes the hassle out of deciding what to wear. 

Check out our new eco hoodie dresses coming soon!

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