How much do you love chocolate?

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Sweet deliciousness, it’s a must for the cold winter days. But how can a simple brown slab taste so good? And where does this magic concoction come from?

Dog hiding bone

If chocolate to us is like a bone to a dog, we can understand why he hides it

The use of chocolate dates back to 1900 BC. At this time, it is thought that the Olmecs, the first known major civilisation in Mexico, used chocolate in their beverages. The Maya and Aztecs also saw the appeal.

How is it made?

The seeds of the cacao tree have an intense bitter taste and, after fermenting, are dried, cleaned and roasted to develop the flavour we know and love today. The result can be unadulterated chocolate, or it can be combined with vegetable oils and sugar to create a sweeter chocolate. Milk chocolate, for example, contains sugar and/or condensed milk. White chocolate does not have cocoa solids, but it does have cocoa butter, sugar and milk.

Werewolf flossing

It's important to floss after chocolate - just ask our werewolf

Some question whether white chocolate is really chocolate without the cocoa solids - I guess that’s open to interpretation. But, whatever the variety, we can agree that the sweet substance is delicious.

So people really love chocolate huh?

They sure do. There was even a chocolate river back in 1971 which was created for the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory film. It was made with 15,000 gallons of water mixed with chocolate goodness and cream, but sadly it spoiled pretty quickly and smelled bad. Great idea though!

Poppy koala nap

Papa koala has had his chocolate and is now having a nap. His favourite time of the day. 

Thorntons also created the world’s largest chocolate bar - weighing in at a whopping 5,792.50kg. That’s heavier than an Asian elephant! Inspired, again, by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Thorntons staff member Paul Bell wanted to do the opposite from the film and, instead of shrinking the chocolate, make it so much bigger. We’re not complaining!

How unhealthy is it?

Do you want to hear the answer? Put simply, it’s not great for you. As with most other sweet treats, it is perfectly fine when enjoyed in moderation.However, dark chocolate can contribute to normal blood circulation due to containing flavanols, which help to maintain blood vessel elasticity. Beyond this, it’s not looking too healthy.

Sloths and yoga

These sloths know if they eat chocolate they must do their yoga afterward

Lindt chocolate is up there with the worst for you, averaging more than 600 calories per 100g bar. So maybe the higher price tag reflects the higher calorie count? Maybe we should rethink how much we were drooling over the chocolate river and record-breaking giant bar after all. Or maybe we won’t…

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