Koalas Are Endangered Too

Our planet is losing many of its beautiful creatures. Some you may recognise - lions, tigers, painted dogs. However there are many other species which are experiencing declines in their population. We recently told you about the most trafficked animal on the planet - the pangolin - but there is another animal close to our hearts which sadly faces extinction.

Koala Nap art design print

All Koalas should grow old in peace

One of Australia’s national treasures, the Koala, is endangered

Koala populations previously flourished in south-east Queensland. But sadly this habitat is now making way for another population - humans. Bushland is now being bulldozed and transformed into housing developments and other urban purposes, including a shooting range, which is being heavily opposed by local council and environmental groups.

Habitats aren’t destroyed all at once

Critically endangered, or extinct, populations aren’t the result of one giant construction project. Instead, this erosion occurs over time as habitats are cleared in small but frequent steps. It isn’t one decision, but instead a myriad of decisions which are small in scale but huge in their consequences.

Koala group koala chorus line design art print

Our Koala Chorus Line would very much like to keep their home

Australia needs to use existing resources more efficiently

Martin Taylor, the protected areas and science conservation manager for WWF-Australia, says developmental pressure on existing Koala habitats can be avoided. How? By using lots which have already been cleared instead of destroying more habitat and listing the Koala as endangered to gain further support.

Koala surfing art design print

Leave Koalas to surf in peace

Here at Koala Chess Art we hope this species is given the protection it deserves and is allowed to flourish in its homeland.

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