Don't Tell an Ant it Can't

One of the wonders of the modern world, ants are truly incredible insects. Tiny but mighty, they live in highly organised groups and (as far as we can tell) seem to all live in harmony. And such harmony is remarkable given the number of ants in the world.

For instance, did you know they have colonized nearly every landmass on earth? You will only avoid by going to Ant-arctica (seems like a silly name actually) or a few remote islands. But, why would you actually want to avoid them? At Koala Chess Art HQ, we feel you should learn from their wise ways. So here are our top 3 life lessons, as demonstrated by ants.

The lazy approach to work may be best

Orangutan in Hammock

This orangutan is very much in favour of working less and relaxing more

A recent study on Invasive Fire Ants in the Journal Science found that being less busy may actually be more productive. For instance, having some workers deliberately remain idle may cause less traffic jams. And who are we to argue? Have you ever seen ants have traffic jams?

It is okay to have a big personality

In a top hat and cane, our Pachycephalosaurus is definitely bold

Another study conducted by researchers at the University of Tours in France determined that ants do in fact have personalities. And some of them have big ones. They studied the subjects over a period of time and found consistent behaviour traits. They even merged two colonies together and the bolder, more adventurous ants sought out the shared food first - thereby coming up trumps. However we don’t always recommend this at Koala HQ as they did cause lots of fights. So be bold and beautiful - but pick your battles wisely.

Never underestimate a woman

Pug Superhero

Try telling this superhero pug she is incapable (Tip: don't. It will end badly for you)

O. biroi is a small species of ant that originated from Asia. Unusually, this species has no queen, but it has female workers which can all reproduce. They do this through parthenogenesis, i.e. they produce a clone of themselves. So women produce more women, and have successfully managed to spread around the world. Go females!

Conclusion: ants are the real masters of the world.

Better treat them well so they are nice to you when they take over.

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