National Pet Day 2019!

In honour of National Pet Day 2019, we thought we would share with you three stories about our very own best friends.

Brooke Dog Koala Chess Art

Introducing Brooke - Spokesdog for Koala Chess Art

Everybody meet Brooke. Brooke joined us from Dog’s Trust, having been on the look-out for a new home. Unfortunately, Brooke had problems with her (adorable) ears and needed special attention and medication. Enter Koala Chess Art! Our Founder and Artist Simon took Brooke in and gave her plenty of love. Now Brooke is thriving as our official Spokesdog.

Emma cat Koala Chess Art

Meet Emma - Catsultant for Koala Chess Art

Emma is our pretty kitty here at Koala Chess Art and gifts us with her wisdom. At ten years old, she has experienced a lot in life and shares her knowledge and expertise with us here so that we may follow in her paw prints. But don’t be fooled by her cute face - she can be lethal when necessary, especially with unfortunate birds or mice. This is why she wears a bell (but also so that she can make a dramatic entrance).

Koala Golf TShirt T-shirt Koala Chess Art

Our Founding Father - Mr. Koala

The Koala was our inspiration here, and started us on the path we continue on today. But now that we are more than just an idea, our Koala has taken more of a backseat and is enjoying the quiet, retired life. Here he is, playing golf and embracing all that life has to offer.

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