New Old Men of the Forest

As I am sure you know we are mates with primates at Koala Chess Art HQ 🐒.

The orangutan which means old man of the forest was thought to have just two define species but as del a soul state "3" is the magic number! The good people at the guardian state the "Pongo tapanuliensis" is found in northern Sumartra. They are pretty hip though with the males loving a moutaches (not just in November!) but the lady apes support a full beard. Sadly they are already an endangered species.

We at Koala Chess Art HQ would like to say hello to these new primates and this is our drawing of an Orangutan studying "On the orgin of the species" by the indomitable C. Darwin 🍹🍸. They are available in a range of products, as a vegan organic t-shirt vegan organic t-shirt dressvegan organic tote bag, a vegan hoodie and a vegan dress.

Orangutan in a hammock t-shirt

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