Nothing hOtter than the Otter! 🌞⛱

Nothing hOtter than the Otter! 🌞⛱

There is nothing hot right now than an Otter 🌝. We have drawn quite a few of them this year ✏. Some are diving into a swimming pool, another one has his fur bristling after getting his tea. We also have an Otter cooking up a lovely stew, we suspect a chowder of some sort.

Otter cooking stew

Otter cooking stew

Perhaps the most famous Otter is our sea Otter maestro, he can look pretty serious but he is just into the music.

 Otter maestro

Sea otter maestro 

Finally we have our sporty Otter who is just kicking backing shooting some hoops.

Otter bouncing ball

Otter playing basketball

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