Our Planet's Last Chance

Climate change is certainly an area we have touched on before in the Koala Chess Art Chronicles. From the creative use of seaweed to replace plastic and floating innovations to address food difficulties in light of global warming, we have been keeping our eye on the state of the environment.

More specifically, we have been admiring the efforts of some remarkable people around the world as they try to tackle the problems facing our planet. But it appears as though these efforts need to be magnified, and not by a small amount, as scientists now claim our world needs to be saved from the impending ‘climate catastrophe’.

Climate change

So, as if the threat to our oceans, our land and our animals wasn’t serious enough, a new report has been released which is considered the most damning yet, with United Nations scientists claiming this really is our last chance to save our planet.

Polar Bear

But how?

Well, first of all, world leaders have been told they need to take a greater responsibility in driving change. They cannot bury their head in the sands. With half a degree extra warming affecting millions of their people, killing their corals and poisoning their atmosphere, they need to take action. Or so say the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This will involve swapping their support for fossil fuels and fracking to instead encourage offshore wind turbines and electric vehicles.


At Koala Chess Art HQ we see no reason not to have more of these beautiful offshore wind farms

It is also clearly stated that coal power plants need to be decommissioned and replaced with renewables. This is a long process requiring major investment, but will hopefully address the objective of cutting emissions by 45% by 2030 in an attempt to reduce the rate at which the average temperature is rising.

Although it isn’t all about cutting.

The world also needs to plant and grow. Reforestation and greater forest protection need to be implemented across the globe. Communities need to push back against movements which destroy rainforests, parks and reserves. Governments need to put new policies in place which better protect our world and restrict damaging practices.

Red panda ghost story

This Red panda's ghost story is becoming a reality

But, really, it isn’t all down to the Government.

We need to play our part as individuals. We need to eat less meat and dairy and instead shop for local, seasonal produce. We need to use washing lines instead of tumble dryers, take the bus and a train instead of the car and a plane. We need to demand the use of recycled materials by retailers. We need to cut waste and take responsibility for our actions as inhabitants of this struggling planet.

What if we don’t take action?

Our animals suffer. Our children suffer. Our world suffers. We suffer.

Iguana Swimming

We need to save our wildlife and let our Iguanas keep swimming

Get involved and play your part - challenge yourself and loved ones to think better and do better. It’s all one big world which we need to share - let’s work as a team to save it.

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