So what really killed the dinosaurs?

Last week we discussed some of the “theories” as to why the dinosaurs might have disappeared.  We have taken some time and again using a rigorous scientific method, are ready to state some pioneering work in this area.

The Meteorite Strike!

Well this is true it was a strike but not from a meteor. Dinosaurs love to bowl and this got to such a level that a large tournament took place. So many dinosaurs turned up and bowled into one area a huge crater was formed. The speed (the tournament was only over two weeks)  with which this occurred did create a huge dust cloud which did block out the sun.

Parasaurolophus bowling


Raging Volcanoes

Beauty and spa treatments really took off in the dino age. There was a huge amount of tough skin to exfoliate. Pumice was their scrub of choice. It became so in demand that a group of dino scientist encouraged the volcanoes to erupt. Scientists are correct that there was a lot of dust but most of this was dead dino skin, pumice and not volcanic ash.

Top hat and cane dino

This dino has a lot of nails and horn to file!

Climate change

One of the key components of greenhouse gases is CO2. A large amount expelled in one go can have huge consequences to the climate we and the dinosaurs lived in. Sadly this is again a tale of dino’s competitive nature. At the first bubble blowing contest a new formula that kept the bubbles whole for longer was used. Vast numbers of small bubbles all filled with CO2 (it's what we breathe out ) were released into the atmosphere. After years of competition the huge numbers of collected together and burst. This released catastrophic amounts of CO2 in one go, making the earth dino unfriendly!  

Velociraptor blowing bubbles

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