Tackling Climate Change: What we Want Versus What is Being Done

A poll has found that two-thirds of the British public want faster action to tackle climate change. But how is the Government fulfilling this much-needed request?

Tackling Climate Change: What we Want Versus What is Being Done

A team of green charities have found that nearly 70% of British people want better protection for our environment - and they want it now. In fact, they believe the commitment made by Theresa May, in one of her last pledges as Prime Minister, to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2050, is still too far in the future. As a result, 14,000 people from all over the nation will arrive at Westminster on Wednesday 26th June to demand more urgent action.

UK Government needs to step-up and more effectively address climate change

The European Commission has labelled the Government’s climate action plan as vague and unclear, saying it lacks key details on how it will be implemented. As part of EU law, all member states have pledged to meet three headline targets for 2030:

  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% compared with 1990 levels
  2. Getting 32% of energy from renewables
  3. Boosting energy efficiency by 32.5%.

However, is it clear that the commission believes the UK’s promise is lacking thorough research and planning. Specifically, they highlighted the failure to fully address how renewable energy will be boosted and to what extent subsidies will be cut for fossil fuels.

How are other countries tackling climate change?

Eskilstuna Climate Change Recycling

Well, take Eskilstuna for example. This unobtrusive Swedish town, once a steel-producing powerhouse, is now a recycling Titan. Defying the country’s stereotype for quiet and bare modernity, Eskilstuna has plenty of cafes and pubs - not exactly what you would expect from an environmental benchmark. And yet, it is now a powerful example of sustainability.

In Eskilstuna, cars and public buses are run on electricity and biogas. Water is heated with thermal energy from electricity production. Residents now even sort their waste into seven different categories - green for food, pink for textiles, grey for metal, yellow for paper, blue for newspaper, orange for plastic and black for mixed.

Tackling Climate Change: What we Want Versus What is Being Done

With this new found approach, innovative companies are joining in the revolution. From the outside, Lilla Nyby is a typical waste plant, however it is actually a seamless trash-maze that allows five people to process 20,000 tonnes of waste a year.

Mattias Hellström, Manager for the plant, says:

“With this new system, people seem much more engaged with the environment because it is so easy – we have more than 97% accuracy in the sorting of waste in the bags.”

UK - take note!

We want drastic action against climate change. We don’t want in 20 years’ time. We don’t want it in 5 years’ time. We want it now.

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