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This year has already proven to be successful with regards to impressive scientific discoveries. Only in March were we discussing a new treasure chest of fossils which were unearthed in China and how these led to the discovery of new species. Now, a phenomenon has been unearthed in Peru which sheds new light on how Earth’s ancestors made the transition from land to sea.

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Plastic is everywhere. Sadly, most of it is in the ocean. The plastic that ends up here often breaks down into small particles and these are called microplastics. On the other hand, there are plastics that are artificially small and these are called microbeads. This latter type of plastic have been designed by mankind and (sadly) feature in many health and beauty products. Both, do however have another thing in common: they are both incredibly damaging to our environment. 

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There are 7.7 billion people in the world. How did we all get here? By spaceship from another world? By magic? Well, Charles Darwin had another suggestion. He called it the ‘Origin of Species’. Let’s find out more about his idea.

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Climate change is certainly an area we have touched on before in the Koala Chess Art Chronicles. We have been admiring the efforts of some remarkable people around the world as they try to tackle the problems facing our planet. But it appears as though these efforts need to be magnified, and not by a small amount, as scientists now claim our world needs to be saved from the impending ‘climate catastrophe’.


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Do you remember hearing about the beluga whale that found its way into the River Thames? It was supposedly pretty happy there, perhaps on vacation to see the sights. And, whilst it may seem like a silly whale to stray so far from its normal territory, beluga whales are actually very unique and intelligent creatures.

Do you want some fun facts about them? Of course you do. Here are five of our favourites...

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