The End of an Era for Fossil Fuels

As the world struggles to hold onto its plethora of magnificent species, Cambridge University aims to combat the threat by divesting from fossil fuels.

Cambridge University

Previously having been offered two multi-million pound donations by global fossil fuel corporations in order to discourage such divestment, the prestigious university is now looking to disassociate itself from the oil and gas industry. Perhaps this new focus will lead to groundbreaking new scientific discoveries - something desperately needed as climate change reaches devastating new heights.

New planet health check gives harrowing results


The most thorough examination of our planet has been recently undertaken by 450 scientists and diplomats - and the results are as terrifying as expected:

  • Roughly one million species are at risk of extinction
  • The biomass of wild mammals has fallen by 82%
  • Natural ecosystems have lost approximately 50% of their area
  • Two in five amphibian species are at risk of extinction, as are approximately one in ten insects.

We need to end the era of fossil fuels

 New Results have shown that approximately three-quarters of coal production in the United States of America is more expensive than both solar and wind in providing a source of electricity. So - to summarise - they are both expensive and ruining our planet. Like Cambridge University - we need to all divert our attention to more responsible ways of living - before it’s too late.

Climate Change 2019

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