Who else is turning green this festive year?

Our new range of amazing vegan and organic products are out now (Visit our shop today) but who else has been working on becoming greener?

We have been allowed exclusive access to one of the most highly anticipated shows in December. Yes we are in prime position, yes it involves speedy vehicles, yes there is a grand tour!

That's right - we have access to Santa's new sleigh. Move over Mr Musk this vehicle has been run on a 100% renewable energy source for years - good cheer!

Santa's sleigh

Visit our shop today

We spoke to chief engineer - a Mr Rudolph Red Nose.

“We are delighted to reveal the next gen of sleigh technology. With the increasing population it's essential that we can visit each house all in just one night! More visits means greater speed is needed. We think with this new sleigh we can deliver that and still remain planet friendly.”

He also stated that the requirements for the naughty and nice list for all adults has been altered with a greater weighting for eco issues.

"Lets just say if you use single use plastic you can expect to receive a lump of nothing from Santa."

We wish them all well and impressed with thier Green attitude.

When: Santa can been seen on 24th December.

Where: The night sky.

Rating: 5/5 mince pies.

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