We are Anti-Sweatshop

Here at Koala Chess Art, we like to promote causes with a conscience, whether it be around improving our environment, helping our animals, or creating a better society for people to live in. Because it’s one big world which we all have to share. We should treat it with respect right?

So, we would be pretty hypocritical if we gave this message across but had our products made unethically. Take our t-shirts for example. Many organisations produce their clothing in sweatshops. We don’t. And we never will. Why? Let us tell you.

Koala on a Laptop T-Shirt

Our koala is researching to see whether this t-shirt was made ethically

What are sweatshops?

Sweatshops are notorious in the fashion and textiles industry for exploiting workers in order to produce their clothing with the highest profit margin. Because who cares about the health and wellbeing of people right? Wrong.

Sweatshops are defined as any production site failing to comply with two or more employment laws, which may include:

  • Minimum wage
  • Safe working environment
  • Full-time and overtime remuneration
  • Proper documentation for all staff
  • Age requirements for staff
  • Benefits for staff

So, in summary, these organisations take advantage of employees who are not in a position to argue their case or risk unemployment. And this situation happens a lot, in a lot of places. They have been found in China, Indonesia, South America and even in the USA.

So Koala Chess Art don’t use these factories?

No we certainly do not. We chose our producer very carefully, and are proud to announce we work with BELLA+CANVAS.

This organisation take their people and environment very seriously. They are WRAP Certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production). And this is quite a difficult accoldate to get! It isn’t handed out to just any koala! They treat employees fairly, like all companies should.

BELLA+CANVAS also respect our environment. Their production floor creates almost no landfill waste,. Anything they can’t turn into a finished t-shirt gets recycled or repurposed. Added bonus: their factory is powered through solar panels installed on its roof. Yay!

At Koala Chess Art we are passionate about having a happy planet, for all inhabitants. Not just the rich, not just the humans. And we are proud to not use sweatshops.

Giraffe and Koala Playing Basketball

We would like a world where everybody happily co-exists (and also plays basketball) 

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