What do St. George's Day and Game of Thrones Have in Common?

St George’s Day - also known as the ‘Feast of George’ - and the final season of Game of Thrones are both happening right now. But what do both phenomenons have in common?

Game of Thrones

St George's Day 2019 Dragon

Dragons - they both feature dragons!

According to legend, St George tamed and slew the dragon who demanded human sacrifices. By doing so, he saved the princess who was due to be the next offering and liberated the nearby land who had all been terrorised by the beast.

St George Dragon Training

Despite his training, this dragon lost in his altercation with St George

But not all dragons are evil it appears

If you haven’t heard of Game of Thrones, where have been? The show, which is arguably the most popular series of today, returned for its final season this month (April 2019). One of the protagonists is ‘Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. Mother of Dragons. The Unburnt. Breaker of Chains. Lady of Dragonstone.’ (Pick your favourite title).

This queen has three dragons - although one is now in possession of the Night King. The remaining two are due to help her in the war against the undead - proving the most fearsome of warriors.

Green Dragon Koala Chess Art

Our Green Dragon auditioned for GoT but sadly did not get a callback

Dragons: good or evil?

Whichever you believe, dragons are a popular inclusion in both ancient mythology and today’s entertainment storylines. At Koala Chess Art, we believe each dragon should be treated as an individual and not subject to prejudice! It is 2019 after all!

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