What does it sound like on Mars? 👽

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A lonely Astronaut reaches for home.

First attempt 

There have so far been 50 missions to Mars to date. The first attempt was by the then Soviet Union with the 1M No.1. It was intended to be a flyby mission but failed to achieve earth orbit. The first successful flyby was by NASA and the Mariner 4. This craft was the first ever to send pictures back of another planet.

First flyby 

The Mars 2 by the Soviet union was the first to achieve an orbit of the planet in 1971.  Sadly at the time a huge dust storm swept across Mars.  The images sent back were just clouds and not the surface of mars. It turns out even the weather can scupper even the most hi tech of missions.

Image of Mars from viking 1

First clear image of Mars

First landed rover

By 1975 NASA landed the first rover on the surface of Mars. The Viking 1 produced the first clear picture of the surface of mars!

First flight on Mars

Leap forward to Mars 2021 and NASA lands the Perseverance lander and the Ingenuity helicopter has the first ever flight on Mars.

3d model of the Perseverance lander.

Not only is the rover looking for signs of previous life.  It is also testing for the viability of oxygen production on the Red Planet ready for when the first humans set foot there

First sounds from Mars

The rover also has two microphones on it. What would it sound like on Mars? Well due to the composition of the atmosphere lower sounds would sound very similar but higher pitch sounds would be much harder to hear. If you want to hear many familiar sounds are like or Mars only sounds head over to the NASA page.

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