Which is Your Favourite Dinosaur?

Here at Koala Chess Art, we are very honest about our love for dinosaurs. Through our art, we like to think we have given the ancient creatures their own individual stories and unique personalities. But which dinosaur is your favourite?

1. Triceratops
Triceratops Hoodie
Our Triceratops is amazing on skates. He is powerful yet extremely graceful. Be careful at the Roller Disco - with this many spikes, a bump into a Triceratops could prove fatal.
2. Diplodocus
Diplodocus Hoodie
We imagine the Diplodocus to have been an incredibly dexterous creature. As such, we believe they would have made very talented basketball players, even juggling three basketballs at once!
3. Stegosaurus
Stegosaurus Hoodie
The Stegosaurus - or the 'scaled lizard' - was, in our humble opinion, a pretty smooth operator. With those scales, he really made an appearance wherever he went. Definitely a character who loved the limelight! 
4. Ankylosaurus
 Ankylosaurus Hoodie
Our Ankylosaurus decorated the Dinosaur sporting walls of fame with her many home runs. She was, however, disappointed, when a rule was introduced which prevented the Ankylosaurs team members from them "catching" the ball on their spikes in the deep field. It was their greatest strength in the sport.
5. Spinosaurus
Spinosaurus Hoodie
There has been much debate as to whether the Spinosaurus was aquatic or terra firma-based. To be on the safe side, we gave our Spinosaurus the best of both worlds with his armbands and rubber duck. Viola!

6. T-Rex
T-Rex Hoodie
Well, it wouldn't be a true dinosaur discussion without mentioning their supposed king - the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. With their large tail providing all of their balance requirements and their vision being truly impressive, our T-Rex made quite the champion tennis player.

Which of our dinosaurs is your favourite? 


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