Why Koala Chess Art?

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Why Koala Chess Art?

Working on the stall I often get asked “Why the koalas?" It is normally after asking “Are you Australian?” Well I am not Australian, so let me explain.

Before Koala Chess Art I worked in Web design. I enjoyed the creative side of this venture, but not the technology. This I found particularly restricting.

I have always liked nature and animals, so I took some time out to study plants. From here I rediscovered my love of all things weird and wonderful in nature. On a particularly inspired day, I downloaded a drawing app on my phone, intrigued about the possibilities. I drew the Koalas playing chess and the tropical boat and sunset. I have no idea how or why the Koalas appeared - I have been told that my mind works in mysterious ways. But I embraced this originality, and so Koala Chess Art was born. 


Koala playing chess buy these koalas 

Over the next few months the portfolio of animals grew. Like the original Koalas, they are each doing something slightly different to what you would expect. I like to think this is reciprocal with its meaning - with each individual seeing something slightly different to the next. 

I took this new portfolio to a few different places before settling at its new home - Greenwich Market. The setting is great, and the heritage even better. A number of art traders have established themselves here before me - the reputation has brought many an interesting visitor to my stall. 

Alongside my drawings you can also find photographs of the beautiful countryside we have here in the UK. There are a range of images from the Essex countryside (yes it's not all Towie!). They are predominantly of the Blackwater Estuary - a personal favourite.

buy this sinking ship

I hope you like the work you see. It's great to get your comments and hear all the different meanings you attribute to my art. I am a local, independent artist and your continued support is greatly appreciated.

If you would like any of our images take a peek at our Online shop. You can also like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all of our latest creations.


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