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You’re Having A Laugh Giraffe

We love Giraffes here at Koala Chess Art. With such incredible patterns and a unique physique, they really are one of our favourites to draw. So - for no other reason than because we are big fans, we thought we would find out a little more about them.
Koala and giraffe playing basketball

Koala and giraffe playing basketball

So did you know…

  • Giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world. You think your parents are tall? Well a Giraffe’s legs alone are probably bigger, measuring around 6 feet. Imagine getting jeans to fit those!
  • When you think of a Giraffe, you think of their long neck right? Well, surprisingly their neck isn’t actually long enough to reach the ground! Instead they have to go to yoga to learn how to stretch and bend correctly so they can reach some water. 
Giraffe playing ice hockey
  • So yes they may have an odd shape, with very long legs but a uniquely proportioned neck, but boy can they move. In fact, a Giraffe can run as fast as 35 miles per hour over short distances. Usain Bolt - Olympic Gold Medallist - can only run 28mph (we say only but he is still very very fast).
  • So we know those legs are long and fast - but they must also be very obedient, as Giraffes very rarely sit or lie down. They even sleep standing up - and give birth! Whoever named the runway a ‘catwalk’ obviously hadn’t encountered the Giraffe yet.
  • But their legs aren’t their only great feature - they also have wonderful mosaic-type patterns which are entirely unique. Similar to a human’s fingerprints, no Giraffe has the same pattern as another.
  • With such wonderful legs and skin, it’s no wonder they are such sociable animals. They do in fact live in groups of around 15, and these groups are known as ‘towers’. In these towers they like to share compliments and motivational messages, as Giraffes know the importance of building up each other’s confidence.

Dancing giraffes

Dancing giraffes

So how many of these facts did you know? There’s no way you knew them all, you’re having a giraffe!

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