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Koala Chess Art

Original watercolour, Greek myths art, Greece art, Prometheus art

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An original watercolour of the Greek myths of prometheus.

Prometheus steals fire

Classical art and Greek myths have often been painting by artists. Usually it was so their patrons could prove how clever they were by have a classical education.

They are also pretty amazing stories. I guess to have lasted this long they must be as no one keeps telling a dull story.

This picture depicts Prometheus he has stolen fire by lighting a fennel branch, from mount Olympus. He is then making a dash down the mountain to share this gift with man, who he thinks should have fire.

Zeus is not best pleased when he finds out what happens and Prometheus has a pretty grizzly punishment.

I spent a fair amount of time trying to get the smoke, fire and shadows right on the branch.

I hope you like it any questions please ask, always happy to help.

● 15 by 11 inches Original watercolour

● Unframed

● Paper, Watercolour paints, Some white calligraphy ink might be used.

● Signed as Koala Chess Art on the back

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