Original watercolour, of a fishing boat Scotland art, Boat art, Coast art, Fishing art, Nature art, Sunset art, Low tide art

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Original watercolour of fishermen loading their boat at low tide in northern Scotland.

Boat at low tide on Scotland's northern coast

Misty hills and mountains, big purple grey clouds and a weak yellow sun take up the sky in this painting.

The tide is very low but the boat that looks abandoned on the beach will quickly be afloat once the tide rushes in. Tidal beaches look so different when the water is out.

I painted the rocks in the foreground first and then filled in the gaps once dry with the muddy soil colour. It makes it look like the rocks are submerged rather then just resting on top.

Two people who are heavily in shadow load the boat for the next trip.

I hope you like it any questions please ask, always happy to help.

● 15 by 11 inches Original watercolour

● Unframed

● Paper, Watercolour paints, Some white calligraphy ink might be used

● Signed as Koala Chess Art on the back

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