Cool Unisex animal hoodie knitting unicorn

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After a day spent spreading joy and rainbows, this unicorn loves to relax. And a lot of the time this involves catching up with their favourite box sets and knitting! A unicorn's horn is perfectly shape as a spool for wool and prevents any annoying tangles - so creating their own knitted clothes and accessories is an obvious hobby!

Fun fact: It's a common misconception that unicorns make rainbows. They just adore them so when one appears they will rush to see it. It's this association that has let to this urban myth. Unicorns just love refracted light.

Are you a big unicorn fan, or do you know someone who is? This unicorn hoodie is a perfect birthday or Christmas gift. We have loads more animal designs too - these conservation animals might be rare, or they might be novelty. They might be in a zoo, they might be a little bit ironic, but they'll definitely be cool!

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