Eco vegan ethical animal design unisex Hoodie dress surfing white cheeked gibbon

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We are super excited to show you this, our eco ethically sourced 100% vegan hoodie dress, see below for more info.

It uses a direct to garment printing process and won't peel off like thermal transfers but has more brighter colours and details than screen printing. Your favourite hoodie dress will stay your favourite for much longer. Definitely not fast fashion.

Quick, look! It's a gibbon surfing. You don't see that every day!

White cheeked gibbons are native to Vietnam and it's borders - and this one loves to find secret spots to surf. Afterwards, he also loves a post surf smoothie as gibbons are frugivores, meaning they eat loads of fruit. Gibbons also believe in the adage 'look good, surf good', which is probably because they are one of the few animals who are able to recognise themselves in the mirror!

Whether you love to surf, skate or snowboard, or simply stay warm at home, this hoodie dress is the one for you. Or we have plenty more animal and dinosaur designs to browse. And they're all perfect sweatshirts to give as gifts for birthdays or at Christmas, or just as a treat for yourself.

This ethically sourced hoodie dress is GOTS-certified (global organic textile standard) and audited by the Fair Wear Foundation (protecting workers rights).  It uses recycled plastic and organic cotton, using less water than normal cotton production. The inks (the print) and garment are 100% vegan friendly too.

It's a super soft comfy cosy hoodie dress with a front pocket. It's the perfect eco-friendly choice.

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