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An original watercolour of a person fishing at sunset by mangroves in the tropical sea.

Fishing at sunset by mangroves.

Did you mangroves stop soil erosion, act as the perfect buffer against tides? Sadly so many of these wonderful coastal habitats are being destroyed so that tourists buildings can be built. The trouble is with rising ocean and hard concrete surfaces means the force of the waves is not dissipated causing damage.

Mangroves also provide a habitat for many juvenile fish. If you want to catch fish in the ocean or protect fish you need to protect the Mangroves.

This person is taking advantage of the abundance of life by using a non destructive method to catch fish. Well done person.

I hope you like it any questions please ask, always happy to help.

● 15 by 11 inches Original watercolour

● Unframed

● Paper, Watercolour paints, Some white calligraphy ink might be used

● Signed as Koala Chess Art on the back

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