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Koala Chess Art

Organic cotton vegan t-shirt

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Part of our sustainable vegan squeaky clean range. Designed for those who want ethical Clothing but without a huge design on it. It simply has a small Velociraptor blowing bubbles on it. Its fearless fashion and its slow fashion. These t shirts are so comfy and colossally cosy. In a range of great colours too!

Our base product is made by STANLEY/STELLA who are anti sweatshop with Fair Wear, organic cotton in accordance with Global Organics Textile standard and Vegan. It makes you feel good on the inside and out. 

It uses a vegan direct to garment printing process and won't peel off like thermal transfers but has more brighter colours and details than screen printing. Your favourite vegan t shirt will stay your favourite for much longer. Definitely not fast fashion.

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