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Koala Chess Art

Original watercolour, Lake District art, Fields art, Mountains art, Sheep art, Cumbria art, Nature art

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An Original watercolour of Bassenwaite in the Lake District.

Path by field Bassenthwaite.

This beautiful lake of Bassenthwaite is one of the only actual "Lakes" in the Lake district the rest are technically waters. Whether they are or waters or lakes is all pretty irrelevant, what matters is the stunning countryside.

The grass is so green with all the high rainfall and everything is incredibly lush. Definitely a great place to visit.

I hope you like it any questions please ask, always happy to help.

● 15 by 11 inches Original watercolour

● Unframed

● Paper, Watercolour paints, Some white calligraphy ink might be used

● Signed as Koala Chess Art on the back

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