Wave and hammock at sunset

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An Original watercolour of an empty hammock, tied between palm trees, at sunset with waves crashing into the shore.

Wave and hammock at sunset

Sitting in a hammock with the sound of the waves crashing into the shore, would definitely send me fast asleep, especially if it was in the cool of the evening following a hot day.

This particular hammock is suspended between two palms, one alive and one dead.

The sky is purple but there is a vivid yellow that you get just before the sun disappears.

Its calm, its away from people and its not over developed.

Did you know the sound of waves crashing is actually the sound of millions of tiny bubbles popping?

I hope you like it any questions please ask, always happy to help.

● 15 by 11 inches Original watercolour

● Unframed

● Paper, Watercolour paints, Some white calligraphy ink might be used.

● Signed as Koala Chess Art on the back

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