Koala Chess Art Christmas Story

Who are we?

We are your local, independent artist based at Greenwich Market. We create drawings and artwork with an original, conscientious twist, which we offer both as a print and as a t-shirt.

What you should also know about us is that, at Koala Chess Art, we like to promote causes with a conscience. It may be around improving our environment, helping our animals or simply creating a better society for people to live in. Because it’s one big world which we all have to share. We should treat it with respect right?

So, as well as looking great, by wearing one of our designs you will also feel great, as you can rest assured your product was not made in a sweatshop. You can also take pride in knowing you are helping to support a local business (because we've all got to start somewhere).

You can find out more about us and the causes we support in our blog posts. You may also find some interesting facts and stories!