Why organic cotton? Why vegan fashion?

We want to make the world better. 😇

Organic cotton uses less water then standard cotton to produce in areas where water is needed. By using no pesticides or fertilisers it means the soil remains healthy. Well managed healthy soil is better for the environment.🌍

Does it need to be Vegan? Why not? If you can produce something without harming something else why wouldn’t you? 🌱We have also teamed up with Ecologi and we plant two trees for ever item brought.

If you want to read more about our sustainability visit our page.

sustainable t shirt worn on a beach

What is Vegan direct to garment printing?

We use a vegan direct to garment printing process. It won't peel off like thermal transfers can over time making your favourite design last longer. It has brighter colours and greater details than screen printing. Screen printing inks are not usually ecologically sound. We are definitely not fast fashion. ⏪

Econscious who make our tote bags, are a 1% For The Planet supporter and has helped Earthjustice, SEE Turtles, Marine Mammal Center to name a few makes these the ethical choice. 🐢

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